BIKER RULES Svensk text
Most bikers lives by simply rules and expect others to do the same. As a visitor to any biker-meeting You ought to know what regulations are being in force. If You follow the rules below You will minimize the risk of getting in trouble.
Rule No 1: It's a matter of give and take. Show respect for people You meet and they will treat You likewise. If You try to fuck around with us You will get tenfold back. The strength of any biker-club lies in the fact that the members regard them selves as brothers and take sides with each other. If any of us are insulted we all get insulted. We value honour high.
Rule No 2: Never attend a biker-meeting uninvited. Nobody tries to enter Your home without an invitation.
Rule No 3: Don't try to force Your will upon any member and just keep Your hands off our private property. This applies particularly to our bikes, woman and club-waistcoats. We will be insulted if You don't comply with the previous. Go back to Rule No 1: to see what will occur.
Rule No 4: Don't think Your are particular just because You have been invited to a private biker-meeting. You are just ONE among other guests - not a member. Don't expect the members to take Your side if You fuck around with another guest. It's not our problem. We might dislike Your behaviour. In that case Rule No 1: automatically takes effect.
Rule No 5: If any part of our, (simple), rules should apear to be indistinct or should You feel uncertain about what regulations are being in force always refer to Rule No 1: